New Rules Soft Launch

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We realized there was a void that needed to be filled in the creative and young professional sectors throughout the Twin Cities. New Rules is a landmark destination that brings different artistic, innovative, and technological freelance groups together to remove creative barriers and become a sustainable economic catalyst.

New Rules New Rules is a 4,000 sqft communal marketplace located in North Minneapolis, combining co-working, retail, and event space. Originally built in 1915 and redeveloped by New Rules in 2016, the space has a modern, minimal attitude featuring 12 ft garage door storefronts, original tin ceiling tiles, and hardwood details to maintain the buildings historic charm.


One Stop Shop for Creatives providing:
Collaborative Work-Shop
Makers Market: Retail Store
Event & Multi-Purpose Space
Artist Loft Apartments


1. Our mission.
To measurably contribute to the growth of individuals and communities by providing space and holistic resources that expand their creative and professional pursuits.
2. Our Policy.
It’s not a competition, we are a team and all in this together. We instill excellence throughout the community because we are, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually engaged in our work, which makes our talents formidable and our results extraordinary.
3. Our Approach.
We use art as a bridge in order to connect people to broader and richer experiences.
4. Our Hope.
To see our community share the notion that dreams do come true with hard-work, resilience and a daring belief in oneself.

What We Offer


The Work-Shop

We are a team of dedicated, community-minded individuals who have come together to share space and resources. Members have access to state of the art equipment used for designing, prototyping, & producing product. Our Work-Shop significantly reduces startup costs for new creative ventures.

Event & Multi-Purpose Space

Our event and multi-purpose space was designed to celebrate the diversity of roots, cultures, and identities of our members and their growing communities. Our space serves as a platform for industries and communities to engage new audiences with curated events, fundraisers, pop-up workshops, art exhibitions, and showcases.

The New Market

Our Market brings artists and creators together to present and sell their work. By selling and buying through The New Market, which is open to the public, you support the growth of our community and the economy in North Mpls.

New Skills

We don’t teach creativity; we teach New Skills. Our comprehensive program is designed to create awareness and access to knowledge and opportunity. We offer platforms for skill-sharing, business/personal development, and connecting creatives and professionals to emerging cultures in the Twin Cities.