New Rules Benefit Corp.


We Are NewRules

Disrupting the Narrative | Breaking New Ground | Pioneering Innovation™


NEW RULES is much more than a physical space - it is the nexus between arts, culture, community, and technology.

A Community Innovation Hub for public, private, community, & philanthropic engagement – we are destination location for fresh ideas, organic networking, and curated events grounded in the shared experiences of the Northside’s communities.

At NEW RULES, our goal is to inspire deep commitment, courageous action and unwavering devotion to individuals and communities by providing thoughtful resources. A creative community of leading entrepreneurs and creative teams- our members are offered unparalleled experiences, work spaces, access to equipment, personalized services and opportunities that foster new ideas and enable creation.


One Stop Shop for Creatives providing:
Shared Workspace
Business & Creative Services
Event & Multipurpose Space
Social Marketplace

Home to Creators & Innovators

1. Our mission.
Our intent is to measurably contribute to the growth of individuals and communities by providing space and infrastructure to actualize their creative, business and professional visions.
2. Our Approach.
To embrace craft-innovation and use our unexpected take on ideas to build community and trust through quality relationships we forge with fellow creatives, designers, and clients.
3. Our Policy.
Our home is your home. Our doors are always open.
4. Our Hope.
To be a nexus, a bridge linking artist and small businesses to space and resources.

Our Story

In 2015, founder Chris Webley, conducted a design-thinking workshop using problem solving processes aimed to identify the needs of a diverse creatives, professionals, & community members. As a result of our event, over 200 people shared their need for accessibility, communal workspace, places to be collectively innovative, and gain opportunities to share-skills with like-minded individuals. In 2015, we purchased the historic commercial complex located at 2015 N. Lowry and over the course of 18 months, we’ve invested over 5,000 hours in sweat equity and over thousands in personal savings to restore the building to what it is today — New Rules, a new legacy for North MPLS.

What We Offer


The Work-Shop

We are a team of dedicated, community-minded individuals who have come together to share space and resources. Members have access to state of the art equipment used for designing, prototyping, & producing product. Our Work-Shop significantly reduces startup costs for new creative ventures.

Event & Multi-Purpose Space

Our event and multi-purpose space was designed to celebrate the diversity of roots, cultures, and identities of our members and their growing communities. Our space serves as a platform for industries and communities to engage new audiences with curated events, fundraisers, pop-up workshops, art exhibitions, and showcases.

The New Market

Our Market brings artists and creators together to present and sell their work. By selling and buying through The New Market, which is open to the public, you support the growth of our community and the economy in North Mpls.

New Skills

We don’t teach creativity; we teach New Skills. Our comprehensive program is designed to create awareness and access to knowledge and opportunity. We offer platforms for skill-sharing, business/personal development, and connecting creatives and professionals to emerging cultures in the Twin Cities.